Nauticat Photo Contest

The jury has completed its demanding work! We have had a lot of fun, the staff at the Nauticat yard has been very involved. Discussions about the pictures have taken place beside the lunch table and in the corridors where they were hanging on the wall.
On the page “The finals” we have gathered all the pictures who got one or more points. And on that page you can find the winners! The other pictures are in a random order, not in amount of points order. We will contact all the winners. If you don´t hear from us, then send an email to the photocontest address. We also decided to give a fourth price to the one who sent in the most pictures. And that person also got points for a lot of the pictures he sent in. The winners pictures will also be published on our Facebook pages. Have a look at , there we have a more frequent update rate than on our more static website .
Thank you all for attending and for sharing your fantastic experiences with us.

Congratulations to the winners


The pictures are on the wall

The pictures are on the wall

One day this spring we were going through pictures on Nauticats® with the oldest pictures taken at the end of the 60s. We found a nice collection of beautiful pictures taken on different occasions and in various situations describing the history of Nauticat®. These pictures have been taken by ourselves or have been received from our dealers or Nauticat® owners all around the world. We spent quite a while admiring and going through these pictures. All the sudden we came up with a brilliant idea.

By arranging a Nauticat® photo contest 2013 we would end up with a new and an additional collection of pictures and we could by doing so also share all the fun between Nauticat® friends sailing on all seas, oceans and lakes around the world! Is it a good idea? Let’s see, we hope that you all start looking in your photo collections to find nice pictures you want to share with all of us!